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Переключаем русское издание Titanfall на English
Кароче переделываем интерфейс игры, включая всё внутриигровое обратно на английский язык.

перевод прибацаю позже. пока так.
оригинал копипасты тут
if you want to play with your firends over origin,Just do the Steps like that:

STEP1 Registry Instructions:

-Start/Run/Regedit (or open command prompt and type regedit)

-on 32 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Respawn\Tit­anfall],

-on 64 bit Windows; Find: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node­\Respawn\Titanfall] and change ru_RU to en_US

-For regedit: English: en_US, German: de_DE, French: fr_FR, Italian: it_IT, Spanish: es_ES,

-Remember to close origin before this step.

-Go to http://outcome.nofate.me/ . Download outcome software, install/run Outcome.

-login to your origin account on Outcome.

STEP2 Patch the files over Outcome , start the game and see, if the game is in you Language, that you choosed and then close the game and Outcome.

STEP3 Start Origin and change the Gamesettings (rightckick on the game in Origin) and enter -language German -novid (English for englisch) (-novid for Introskip)

STEP4 On the Shortcut on the Desktop do the same. It Looks like E:\Games\Origin\Titanfall\Titanfall.exe -language German -novid (English for englisch)

STEP5 Close Outcome(if open) and start Origin (if closed).

STEP6 Open the game from the Installation-Direktory, that is like in my case in E:\Games\Origin\Titanfall\Titanfall.exe

If you restartet your PC, just do STEP5 and STEP6.

Make sure the Registry fix is pointing to the correct directory of your Titanfall installation
If the language changes suddenly to Russian, try using Outcome (see step 5)
Make sure you did NOT delete the original russian language files
Make sure you patched the titanfall.par file using Outcome
Make sure Origin is closed and that you are launching the game with Outcome.

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